GARGOURI Oil results from an Organic culture and extracted between 20 and 30C.
It is what one called at the time of the grinding stones: first cold pressure. The obtained Organic oil is of a very high range. It is an exceptional virgin extra olive oil thanks to the traceability of its origins..

ORGANIC GARGOURI Oil has a subtle taste, a Mediterranean perfume, a texture neither too liquid nor too thick, a yellow green color which makes it a concentrate of authenticity and savor.

The dietetic and cosmetic virtues of olive oils were known since high antiquity.
Today, they are largely proven scientifically. All the studies are showing the existence of cardio protective substances, an abundance of antioxidants and fatty acid mono-unsaturated, which are cleaners and protectors of the arteries, digestive and biliary system.
The olive oil is naturally rich in fatty acid and full of Vitamin A and E with the regenerating and protective nutritious virtues; which make it believe that the regular consumption of this oil increases the well-being and life expectancy.

Kitchen Food Health:

In the kitchen, the olive oil holds a dominating place in the Mediterranean mode, well known by healthy food, anti-cholesterol and full of flavor.
The virtues of olive oils are highly estimated and appreciated especially when the oil is used for salads and sauces. Equally, it is the oil which is the most appropriate element for cooked, grilled and fried foods thanks to the fatty acid mono-unsaturated and the antioxidants in which it contains.

Cosmetic Beauty:

Olive Oil constitutes the basis of serval cosmetic products ranging from “Soap of Marseilles to moisturizing creams, massage oils, corporal milks as well as capillary products.