Our olives are issued from our olive trees belonging to GARGOURI family for many centuries and extended over an expense of 400 hectares. Our domain is exploited in accordance with the “BIO” mode.

Our olives are harvested and gathered by hand at the exact point of ripeness. They are delicately transported to our oil work, wich belongs itself to GARGOURI domain. This modern oil work is equipped with an assembly line and a capacity of 45T/DAY.

The EXTRACTION Process of the olive oil adopted by “La Societe Agricole GARGOURI highly respects these different steps: washing, grinding, squeezing, decanting and stocking.

In fact, the picked olives are directly transported in the same day to our oil works. On its arrival, the olives are rigorously sorted (elimination of the damaged olives) then foliated with a device that aspirates leafs.

Afterwards, they are immediately washed thoroughly with cool water. Then, they are pressed in order to avoid any fermentation and to endow the oil an extreme freshness. This mode of extraction meets all the requirements of the BIO standards.

The obtained oils are kept in stock in some stainless steel tanks and sheltered from open air and bright light. They are also kept in a controlled temperature in order to avoid any oxidation while preserving its fragrance and its gustatory and nutritional qualities.

Four to five kilos of olives are needed to produce one liter of olive oil; the percentage of oil that contains olives depends on its variety and degree of maturity.